Vitality 65+ Functional Assessment

Exclusive to Vitality Members Who are 65 or Older!

Info About Vitality 65+ Functional Assessment

You can do the Functional Assessment if you...

  • are 65 years & older,
  • have a full Vitality membership (excluding Vitality Active and Vitality Active Rewards for Doctors), and
  • are on a Discovery Health Medical Scheme plan, on a Discovery Life policy or has a Discovery Invest policy with full Vitality.

This assessment is designed to...

  • give 65+ members a personalized understanding of their physical function,
  • assess mobility, flexibility and fall risks,
  • identify and improve the risk of early frailty and disability, and
  • recommend exercises to support healthy ageing.

The assessment fee is...

  • R460.00 with appointment

Let us make an appointment...

Rizwana 061 124 0455
Nicolene 072 126 0299

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Terms & Conditions with the Vitality Points

  • You can earn 2 500 Vitality points for doing the Vitality Functional Assessment.
  • You can choose to do both the Vitality Fitness Assessment and Vitality Functional Assessment.
    However, you will only be awarded the base points for one assessment per year, which will be supplemented only by the Vitality Fitness Assessment outcomes-based points.
  • The maximum number of points a member stands to earn in a year from both the Vitality Fitness Assessment and Vitality Functional Assessment remains at 7 500 points.

Look at the following example to see how the points are allocated.

If a member completes a Vitality Functional Assessment and then does a Vitality Fitness Assessment and achieves level 4 on their Vitality Fitness Assessment. The below results will apply:

  • The member will receive the 2 500 base points for completing the Vitality Functional Assessment
  • The member will not receive the 2 500 base points for participation of the Vitality Fitness Assessment as it has already been awarded on completion of the Vitality Functional Assessment.

Therefore, the member will receive 2 500 points for achieving level 4 of their Vitality Fitness Assessment. In summary, a member will receive 5 000 points in total.