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  • If your goal is FITNESS, HEALTH & WELLNESS

It is time for you to take action and join our fitness classes for amazing results!

Instructors are Biokineticists that take care of you.

Group Classes

FitCore Group Class
( All Fitness Levels )

BioLates* Group Class
( All Fitness Levels )

Private & Duet Classes

BioLates* / FitCore
( BioCable Smart )

BioLates* / FitCore
( BioBody Smart )

*Biokinetics & Pilates Combo

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  • If you have an INJURY or needs BIOKINETICS treatment

Our Biokineticists care about you.

Orthopaedic Injury Prevention & Treatment
( Muscles & Joints )

Sports Injury Prevention & Treatment
( Multiple Sports )

Chronic Conditions Management
( High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc. )

Vitality Fitness Assessments
( Fitness Assessments )
( 65+ Functional Assessments )

Wellness Management
( Risk Factor Screening, Postural Retraining, etc. )

Special Populations
( Pregnancy; Pre and Post Natal, Exercise for the Elderly, etc. )

This is the way to go!

One-Stop Biokinetics & Fitness Studio
Our Biokineticists are here to help!

Your health & wellness...
Our priority, since 2010!