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First Timer Tips

What to Wear

With exercise poses you may find your body in precarious positions, so we recommend for your modesty and ours, dress in fitted, secure, comfortable, non-see through workout attire.

For hygienic purposes, please wear a clean pair of socks in the studio at all times.

what to wear

Mats & Equipment

We provide exercise mats and the equipment used in group classes.

However, if you prefer your own mat, you are more than welcome to bring it along.

what to bring

Towel & Water

Please bring a towel.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic doing the rounds, please bring your own water - in a container that can seal tightly.

bring water and a towel

Cell Phones

We believe you that you can be separated from your phone. Please silence your device, otherwise, we will ask for 20 extra push-ups.

We understand the occasional emergency phone call.

no phones in studio

Cleaning of Mats & Equipment

We ask you to clean your mat and equipment after every use and to put them away. Thank you in advance.


Where to store your shoes, phone, etc.

Please feel free to store your belongings in the space provided or keep them with you, however the studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.



On occasion, you might be assigned a different instructor.

Power Outages / Problems

In the event of power outages or problems with the facility, the studio will be closed. We will advise you in advance when possible.

Your Info

We know that your time is valuable. That is why we offer a simplified office experience with online client info forms that you can complete prior to your appointment.

This info help us better understand your background and enable us to efficiently start your fitness goals.

Please download and complete the Info Form.

You can either complete it on your computer/device, or print and fill it in.

Download Our Form, complete, and send back / bring with.

info and consent

Appointments between 06:00 & 13:00

Parking available inside

Appointments between 13:00 & 18:00

Parking available outside Eldo Stars Gymnastics Club

Still have questions?

Group, Duet & Private Classes during Covid-19

We are currently doing the group FitCore classes on the grass outside. If the weather is bad or if it is raining, we will move the class inside. However, class size will be limited when we have to move inside.

We have strict hygiene routines/protocols that we follow when treating clients.

At the door of the studio, your temperature will be measured and your hands will be sanitised.

You and the instructor should wear a mask.

When leaving the practice, you can sanitise your hands again.

Contact surfaces and equipment will be wiped with an alcohol surface cleaner after each appointment.


If you experience any flu like symptoms you should please refrain from coming into the practice.

Please inform us in advance if you will not be able to come in for your appointment.

Please isolate yourself from other people.

Phone the COVID-19 hotline 080 002 9999.

They will advice you on the nearest testing stations and where to go if you have more severe symptoms.

For more information, visit COVID-19 Corona Virus South African.