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Registration & Assessment

This appointment is optional.

Unless you have health problems or injuries that we have to gather more info about. This enable us to structure our sessions to make it safe for you.

You are more than welcome to ask for this appointment if you want to set goals and get some measurements.

What happens in this appointment?

  • We are going to do a quick posture analysis, get familiar with your medical history (general health & any injuries / problems) and note what your fitness goals are.
    This enable us to prescribe to best exercises to meet your goals, whether you are exercising in a group or private setting, you are still an individual to us.
  • Included can be skinfold measurements for fat percentage and some circumferences, to track your progress.
  • Thereafter, you are going to do some fundamental movements. This is essential for us to introduce you to the basic movements and muscles needed for the majority of our exercises.

Fee for this Assessment


Group Class Fees

  • Registration & Assessment Fee + Pro Rata for the Initial Monthly Fee.
  • Thereafter, all classes are paid monthly in advance and group class fees cannot be carried over.
  • The fees remain the same no matter which classes you attend, you only have to stick to the amount of classes paid for.
  • Max. 8 participants with One instructor.




Drop In Fee

Duet Class Fees


Private Classes


Please contact us for more information regarding COMBO packages (Private / Duet with Group Classes).