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We know that your time is valuable. That is why we offer a simplified office experience with online client info forms that you can complete prior to your appointment.

This info help us better understand your background and enable us to efficiently start your fitness goals.

Please download and complete the Info Form

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Informed Consent

Please read the Informed Concent (find it under Studio Policy on this page).

What to Wear / Bring


With exercise poses you may find your body in precarious positions, so we recommend for your modesty and ours, dress in fitted, secure, comfortable, non-see through workout attire.

For hygienic purposes, please wear a clean pair of socks in the studio at all times.

Mats & Equipment

We provide exercise mats and the equipment used in group classes.

However, if you prefer your own mat, you are more than welcome to bring it along.

Towel & Water

Please bring a towel.

We do have a water dispenser, so all that you have to bring is a water bottle (that closes firmly).

Studio Policy

Cell Phones

We believe you that you can be separated from your phone. Please silence your device, otherwise, we will ask for 20 extra push-ups. We understand the occasional emergency phone call.

Studio Area

We ask you to clean your mat after every use and put away your toys. Thank you in advance.

Please feel free to store your belongings in the space provided or keep them with you, however the studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


On occasion, you might be assigned a different instructor.

Informed Consent

Click HERE to read the Informed Consent

Info Privacy Policy

Click HERE to read about our Privacy Policy about your infomation that you provide on our website.

Getting Started

Click HERE to see what you should do to get started.

Power Outages / Problems

In the event of power outages or problems with the facility, the studio will be closed. We will advise you in advance when possible.